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From the Editor…

Be the shepherd, not the sheep

It’s always easier to follow in someone else’s footsteps than to forge your own path. Luckily for us all, there are still those among us who aren’t happy unless they are up there at the front and leading the charge. After all, our whole world depends on constant evolution to push things forward, otherwise we as a species would’ve become extinct a long time ago. And the same applies to modified cars. Without those willing to break out of convention and pursue their own individual dreams, our scene would be an endless procession of automotive clones, unchanging and unevolving and ultimately dying out through a general lack of excitement and enthusiasm to stand out from the crowd. And it’s that unwillingness to toe the line that we celebrate in this issue.

We kick things off with the very place that drives much of the growth of our scene, the Tokyo Auto Salon. Here, Japan’s top tuning houses unveil their latest and greatest products and demo cars, setting the tone and inspiring the rest of the Japanese tuning world to push their own projects in new directions and to ever greater heights. See our huge 8-page feature on the show starting on page 19.

One person who needs no further encouragement to fullfil his dreams is Gerard David and his stellar 550bhp Subaru WRX STi. Wearing the first Varis Circuit version wide body kit in the USA and wowing the crowds at the SEMA show on its first outing, it illustrates what can be achieved if you push to lead the way. Read all about it on page 28.

Elsewhere in the issue we’ve also got the world’s first Rocket Bunny kitted Mk1 MX-5, which just so happens to also have a 13B rotary engine under the bonnet; a V8-engined AE86 Corolla drift machine; a father and son built Skyline R33 GT-R; and a Honda Jazz owner who has proven that you don’t need a Civic Type R to build a seriously hot Honda. All killer, no filler, and certainly no sheep!


Dan Sherwood
Email: japaneseperformance@chpltd.com


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