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From the Editor…

Prepare to be blown away!

If there’s one aspect that has, above all others, driven the popularity of the Japanese car scene over the years, it has got to be the turbocharger. So intrinsically linked is it with performance cars from the Far East that, Hondas aside, many people would struggle to be able to name a model that didn’t come already equipped with a mighty metallic bhp booster.

But it’s not just models that feature them from the factory that get our juices flowing, as it seems just about anything is fair game to bolt them to these days, a phenomenon which in recent years has taken hold of the once stoutly naturally aspirated Honda tuning community. Where once VTEC kicking in was considered enough, now every man and his EP3 has got a turbo rammed under the bonnet. And while this is true, not many have pursued this route quite as far as this month’s cover star Carl Duplock, whose Civic Type R is packing an ungodly 725bhp, making it – as far as we know – the most powerful road-driven EP3 in the UK. 

Elsewhere in this issue, the bar has been raised equally as high in the Mitsubishi world, where US tuner English Racing has built the world’s fastest Evo X. As a dedicated straight line speed build, its 4B11T motor is making over 1500bhp, endowing it with the ability to complete an 8.48 second quarter mile and breach 200mph in just half a mile. See for yourself how they have achieved this stellar performance inside this issue.

And that’s just the tip of the turbo-shaped iceberg! We’ve also got the spotlessly clean 609bhp GC8 Impreza from Southern Motor Developments, HKS Japan’s 800bhp 2JZ- engined GT86 drift monster, and James Hibbert’s perfectly purple R34 Skyline GT-T, each one benefiting from being blown by their terrifyingly terrific turbos.

And all this got us thinking. Do turbos die? Or are they killed? To find out, we spoke to two turbo experts and came up with 13 ways that you could be killing your turbo and also how you can prevent it. We also explain how boost control works, and get a 10-minute tech chat with AET Motorsport about blow-off valves.

And if all that isn’t reason enough to throw a little celebration for our favourite boost-inducing buddies, I don’t know what is!


Dan Sherwood
Email: japaneseperformance@chpltd.com


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