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From the Editor…

Follow the leader

In all aspects of life there are always going to be leaders and followers. It’s just a natural fact. And the modified car scene is no different. You see, here on the little green rock that we call Britain, we car modifying fans like to think of ourselves as a nation of leaders, of boundary pushers and pioneers. Which, when viewed in isolation within our European bubble, we probably are. However, look further afield to the likes of Japan and the USA and it’s clear we’re still some way behind.

Take last year’s SEMA show for example –  The car that seemed to dominate much of the show was the new A90 Toyota Supra. Now, this is a car gaining popularity on these shores, too, with tuners keen to see what the new machine is capable of. However, over in Sin City, our US cousins have not only pushed the performance boundaries, but also completely gone to town with the car’s aesthetics, producing wild, wide arch monsters packing bonkers engine swaps, air ride installs and full racing packages! In stark contrast, we still seem to be stuck on remaps and wheel spacers! Not that there’s anything wrong with that of course, as we found out first hand when we got to sample Litchfield’s own package for the A90, a tuning upgrade that in Stage 2 form takes the Supra to just shy of 500bhp.

Yes, we certainly have a way to go until we can say we are leading the world’s modifying scene, but that just means we get the benefit of being the recipients of the trends and developments as they trickle down from above. We can’t wait to see what will happen to the UK’s Supra scene in the next year or so, but if SEMA was anything to go by, it’ll be pretty wild!

The other element that seemed strong at the show was the continued love for restored retros, which is something that is definitely gaining in popularity over here, too. And this month we bring you the ultimate homage to Skyline rarity – The GT-R Heritage Centre’s faithful recreation of Nismo’s one-off Kenmeri racer concept. Displayed at the 1972 Tokyo motor show, but never to race in anger, it was the only wide arched race variant ever made, and is the Holy Grail for GT-R fans the world over.

We’ve also got a pair of pukka Imprezas, an air-slammed MX-5, a race-prepared Integra and everything you need to know to get into rallying.

We may be lagging behind when it comes to tuning, but with magazines we’re leading the way for sure!

Until next month, enjoy!

Dan Sherwood
Email: japaneseperformance@chpltd.com


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