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From the Editor…

All hail the home-built heroes

There’s nothing wrong with getting someone else to do your dirty work. But we’re not talking about dumping your girlfriend or calling your boss to pull a sickie at work. No, what we are banging on about is paying a professional to tune or modify your car. After all, not everone is blessed with either the skills or the equipment to be able to make their automotive dreams a petrol-guzzling reality. However, for those fortunate few that can, we salute your seemingly unending creativity and sheer steel-balled bravado to create some of the scene’s most bonkers and ballistic machinery. 

Take Deek Norville’s EG Civic, for example. What started out as a plan to build a cheap trackday toy has ended up with a 540bhp Saab turbo engine and rear-wheel-drive! And he built the whole thing on his driveway! Check out how this immense creation came to be by reading the feature starting on page 26. 

Other home-built rides that seemed to get away from their owners’ initial ideas were the impressive Impreza of Dave Kay on page 34 and the Nissan Midnight purple Toyota Starlet of Dan Wheeler on page 60. Both began as simple restoration jobs but seemed to grow into full-on builds worthy of gracing any show in the country. Again they’ve both been built by the fair hands of their owners, with only minimal outside assistance. And no matter what your own personal thoughts are about any of the home-built heroes in this issue, the one thing you can’t deny is the skill and dedication it has taken to build them. And for that, guys, we salute you. 

But merely building your dream ride is only part of the equation as a car is meant to be driven so, for those with a need for speed, we’ve got our guide to getting into sprinting to get your teeth into. It can be as cheap or expensive as you like, but will give you no end of thrills. See how you can get involved on page 70. And if sideways sliding is more your bag, we’ve got that, too, as we undertake stage one of ProDrift Academy’s drift tuition at Birmingham Wheels. So whatever you build, and whatever you want to do with it, we’ve got you covered. 

Until next month, enjoy!

Dan Sherwood
Email: japaneseperformance@chpltd.com


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