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From the Editor…

And some have greatness thrust upon them. When the humble Subaru Impreza was first released, no one batted an eyelid. It was just another four door family saloon, albeit one packing an unusual boxer engine layout and four-wheel drive. It wasn’t until the Subaru World Rally Team, then run by UK-based motorsport legends Prodrive, started using the car as the basis for their mud-slinging WRC monsters, that us petrolheads started to take notice. 

“With the flying Scotsman, Colin McRae, at the wheel”

the blue and gold livery became synonymous with rally success and this translated to success on the forecourt, too, and a whole new breed of tuning firms dedicated to making the Impreza the fastest thing on four wheels. 

But of all the Imprezas used throughout Prodrive and Subaru’s stint at the pointy-end of rallying, there is one car that seems to stand head and shoulders above the rest, a car that not only inspired a generation, but cemented the Impreza as a true performance icon. The wide arched classic Impreza launched at the pinnacle of Subaru’s success in 1997 is now the car by which all others are judged. And to find out why it is such a collectible classic, we take a peek under the skin of this legendary machine and dream of owning such a visceral slice of motorsport history. Check it out on page 24. Continuing our celebration of all things Impreza, we’ve aso got a spot of ice driving on a frozen lake with the Subaru Drivers’ Club Norway, plus Classic Impreza buying and tuning guides to help you in your quest for the ultimate boxer engined machine. And to really finish off our rally fetish, we’ve gone back 30 years to 1989 to look at the history of the Subaru World Rally Team and their symbiotic bond with Prodrive, and see just how those stage wins translated to the birth of an icon on the streets. 

But if you’re feeling a little Subaru overload, then we’ve also got a slick Rocket Bunny-kitted S15 to tickle your fancy, plus a mental Mugen DC5 Integra and also an old vs new shootout with an AE86 vs GT86! Phew! 

Until next month, enjoy! 


Dan Sherwood
Email: japaneseperformance@chpltd.com


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