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From the Editor…

The wait is finally over! We’ve been teased by Toyota for what seems like forever now over the reveal and release of the new MkV Supra. From the early renderings and the FT-1 concept which had us all

frothing at the mouth, to the racing versions which showed the new model would have serious motorsport credentials, rarely has a model been so anticipated, or had such stratospheric expectations placed on it. To be honest, like many others, we were a little underwhelmed at what we were eventually presented with as the final production car. But upon reflection, maybe we’re all judging this latest model too harshly. After all, few people have seen one in the metal and even fewer have experienced what it’s like behind the wheel. No, the real issue with the car has nothing to do with its specs, and is rather one of rose-tinted spectacles.

“You see the MkIV has only become the legend that it has due to 25 years of aftermarket tuners having their wicked way with it”

Give tuners a quarter of a century with the MkV and we’re pretty sure we won’t be discussing its shortfallings, either. Just check out the number of renderings of the new car on social media. Each interpretation is more incredible than the last and proves that, although the MkV is not the FT-1 clone we had hoped for, with the help of the aftermarket it’s still going to be a stunning machine to look at and, if the BMW tuners are anything to go by, we reckon the shared engine will turn out to be a tuner’s dream, too. Just watch this space!

But Supras aside, we’ve got the rest of this jampacked issue for you to enjoy, from an awesome FK8 Civic Type R blasting through the desert, to Litchfield’s latest take on Nissan’s GT-R, to a bonkers 406bhp MX-5 and an RX-7 that gives a strong case for an engine swap that even the rotary purists would stuggle to be offended by. We’ve also got 21 top handling tips to help you conquer cornering and a guide to put these new skills into practice by getting into Gymkhana. Who knows, you could be the next Ken Block? Enjoy!

Dan Sherwood
Email: japaneseperformance@chpltd.com


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